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    Driving under the influence is against the law and is a serious offense. It is best handled by a trained and experienced DWI Lawyer.

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    Arrested for a California DUI?

    It’s common to have a lot of questions regarding what sort of possible punishments you are facing.

    Of course, every case is different–the answer depends upon many factors:

    • Were there any aggravating factors?
    • What county is the case located in?
    • Who is the district attorney on the case?
    • Who is the judge?
    • Was there an accident?
    • How high was your BAC?
    • Does the arresting officer have a disciplinary record?
    • What lab did the testing?

    This list is just a small taste of the factors that an experienced California DUI lawyer will ask in order to determine what kind of penalties you might face.

    An experienced California DUI defense attorney will do a full confidential intake in order to determine what happened, what the evidence is against you, the proper defense strategy, and how to negotiate the best possible deal.. For example, if the police violated your legal rights, a skilled defense attorney may get the evidence declared inadmissible at a DUI suppression hearing, leading to a dismissal of your DUI charges.

    Despite this explanation, when you are arrested for a California DUI, you want an estimation of the range of possible penalties. That’s understandable. Let’s assume we are talking about a first time DUI case, with a BAC of .14, in an unspecified California jurisdiction, with no aggravating factors, but a solid case from the DAs perspective:

    A skilled California DUI lawyer is likely to negotiate something in the range of:

    • Two to Three years of probation
    • A $1000-$2000 fine.
    • Three to nine month first offender DUI school
    • Zero to ten days of sheriff work alternative program
    • Thirty Day hard DMV drivers license suspension
    • An additional 90-150 day license restriction

    A skilled San Francisco DUI lawyer can thoroughly research your facts to make sure the district attorney has a valid case If not, motions can be filed to challenge the evidence and perhaps dismiss the case. If not, deals can be made to minimize the damage and help you move forward with your life. A California DUI arrest is a traumatic event, but it doesn’t have to lead to permanent damage. With a strong defense, it is entirely possible to deal with the situation head on and obtain the best possible result.

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